Monday, May 10, 2010

Common Problems of Air conditioners

Air conditioners help big time in dealing with heat. They are our comfort and solace against the sun’s harsh rays. However, air conditioners can fail and stop working without any warning and you’re left wondering why. Some of the most common problems of air conditioners are:

• Wrong size of air conditioners. This is caused by an improper air conditioner installation. It could either be too big or too small for the room and this situation leads to more problems later on.

• Leaks in air conditioners. The leaks in air conditioners could lead to a leak in refrigerant and if this happens, you can’t just add more refrigerant because it will not solve the problem. A technician needs to be contacted to fix and leak and repair the system.

• Noisy air conditioners. The noise is often caused by a dislodged fan belt in an air conditioning unit and can be repaired by repositioning the belt to its rightful place.

• Smelly air conditioners. This is caused by inefficient evaporation or the stagnant water in air conditioners which results in molds, mildew and others which give off a bad smell. Filters that aren’t changed regularly also contribute to that bad smell.

• Poor performance. This is often caused by frozen coils and ice that blocks the air conditioning unit’s operation. It can also be caused by clogged condensate drain or dirt in filters and coils. Even the fans an compressor can break down as a result.

• Air conditioner stops working. If your air conditioner suddenly doesn’t work, the fuse or circuit breakers needs to be checked and repaired. The thermostat should also be adjusted and condenser power and furnace power to be turned off.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Switching over to portable air conditioners

We all want to reap the benefits of an air conditioning unit. However, this poses a problem to people who are living in a certain area temporarily or those with a very limited space. Fortunately, there are portable air conditioners that can solve this dilemma.

Portable air conditioners are the perfect solution. Here are reasons on why:

1. The name says it all: portability
Portable air conditioners provide you with the same benefits of an air conditioner but they come in smaller and not as bulky. Portable air conditioning units do not require any installation thus can be moved from one place to another.

2. Available and affordable to rent
For temporary use, you can hire or rent a portable air con. This is helpful especially during big events where you need a cooling unit but don’t want to spend on something you’ll only use once. If you have window air conditioners installed, you can also use
portable air cons while waiting for the full system to be installed.

3. Promotes cleaner air
Portable air conditioners provide cleaner air and they help eliminate certain dusts and other particles that can cause an allergic reaction.

4. Acts as a back-up system
Bigger events call for a bigger demand on temperature control. Even if they already have air conditioning units, there still may be a need for a regulation of temperature to keep everyone comfortable. If this is the case,
portable air conditioning is the answer.

5. Affordable and hassle-free
Portable air conditioners do not require the hassles of installation so they are perfect for smaller buildings or individual rooms. They are also more affordable than the bigger air conditioning systems. If you won’t need it anymore, you can always bring it someplace you will.

Monday, April 19, 2010

The perfect Cooling technique

If you step outside, you’d notice the scorching heat piercing through your skin. You’d scan the area for some shade because you realize you can only take so much heat. You look for something cold and something that can alleviate the intensity of the temperature. This is the real situation in the world nowadays. People are looking for comfort and solace from the sun’s raging heat especially with the effects of global warming adding to the damages.

If you’re one of these people and you haven’t already done what I’m about to suggest, haven’t you considered buying air conditioning units in your own place? It’s convenient and it makes your life so much cooler. Air conditioners give out cool air to bring down the temperature of a certain room to a comfortable level. They come in various sizes and can cool all types of room. For residential air conditioners, you can get window air conditioners because they’re easy to install and you can even do it yourself. Or you can also get one of those portable air conditioners so you can bring them in any room or anywhere and still enjoy the cool breeze it can offer. Air conditioner prices ranges and is dependent on the size and power. You will have to pay more for bigger air conditioners or for high-performing air conditioners.

When the sun feels too hot for you, you don’t need to worry anymore. You just simply stay where you are and enjoy the comforts of home – cooled and relaxed too.

Friday, April 9, 2010

You can save Even with An Air Conditioner

Owning air conditioning units raise up the electricity bills which is why many are wary of getting one of their own. It’s the truth. You pay more if you want to enjoy the comforts of a cool room. However, having an air conditioner isn’t all that bad when it comes to the price you have to pay. You can actually save energy even when using the units. Here are a few tips on how you can do that:

The air conditioner installation should be carried out with much thought. Install the air conditioner on the shady part of a house or building. This way, the unit does not absorb or take in heat from its surroundings. You also need to make sure that the air flow isn’t blocked by anything for a more efficient operation.

If a certain day is foreseen to be hotter than expected, you can turn on the air conditioner early in the morning when the temperature hasn’t begun to heat up. Air conditioning units work better if the temperature outside is cooler.

You should check out the air conditioning filters. They may already be dirty and clogged. They need to be cleaned to aid a better air flow.

Closing your curtains on days when it’s super hot also help make air conditioners function well. Windows and doors should also be closed to seal in the coolness of the air.

If you find ways of making your air conditioners work to its maximum efficiency, you can save energy thus save money on your bills as well.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The tips on how to maximize your air conditioners

Some air conditioners aren’t really difficult to reach financially. The small ones are usually less expensive. What makes the air conditioner prices go up isn’t the price you pay when you initially buy it. It’s the costs that come afterwards. You have to pay the bills for the electricity that it eats up every time you use it and you have to pay for the maintenance and repair fees. Thus it’s important that you keep your air conditioning units well-maintained and properly cared of to avoid additional costs. To truly get your money’s worth; here are a few tips on how to maximize your air conditioner’s efficiency:

Remember that contrary to what most of us think, air conditioners weren’t meant to make a room cold but it makes the temperature of the room comfortable enough for us. If it’s too hot outside and you drop the temperature super low, the demand on the unit is heavy and can sometimes cause it to fail in the long run.

Having air conditioners don’t mean completely ignoring your windows. Turn off your air conditioners and open your windows. Letting the wind come in helps bring the room temperature down. With this, the air conditioner won’t require too much power to make the room temperature comfortable.

If there’s really no need for an air conditioner, turn it off especially when it’s cold outside.

Air conditioners have filters in them that can collect dust and other particles. If there’s too many dirt accumulated, the air conditioner will have a hard time releasing cool air. Make sure to clean them regularly to maintain a steady, clean supply of cool air.

Like all other equipments, air conditioning units must be checked on a regular basis. The system and key parts to the unit must be checked to ensure that they are still functioning well.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The right size of air conditioners for you

Air conditioners aren’t a one size fits all thing. They’re created with different specifics and ranges in terms of performance. They come in various sizes, shape, designs and power. In fact, air conditioner prices depend on their size and capacity. Their cooling efficiency and effectivity place an important role in determining how much they are. This is precisely the reason why we should take more effort in knowing the right size of air conditioner for us. Maybe we just need a portable air conditioner because the room’s too small or maybe we need split system air conditioners because the room is immense. These are just few of the possibilities that can happen which is why we need to know how to find the right size for us.

- Know which room you are going to put the air conditioner on.
- Know how large the room is by measuring it. Do not guess. Guessing your room’s size will likely lead you to buy either something that’s too powerful or weak for your room’s required cooling efficiency.
- Check the height of the ceiling and if the room is exposed to too much sun. If they are, you most likely need more powerful air conditioning units to cool the room compared to a room with low ceiling and less exposure to the sun.
- Know how many people are occupying the room. The number of people staying inside the room plays a part in finding the right size because humans release body heats so the more people there are in the room, the more hot it’ll get. This will likely need an air conditioner that has a little bit more power.

By being fully equipped with the information about the room you want to place the unit in will give you more chance of getting the perfect air conditioner.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The types of air conditioning units

Air conditioners come in various sizes and designs. They were created and built for certain purposes where they perform at their optimum efficiency. There are four types of air conditioners:

Window air conditioners:

This is probably the most commonly used air conditioning unit because they are the least expensive. The design of the unit is a box and all the parts and pieces are found inside that box. They are used for small rooms and often for residential rooms. Another reason why this unit is commonly used is the easy installation – you can even do it yourself. You simply mount the unit in a window area. This is where it got its name.

Split system air conditioners:

This type of air conditioner is split into two with the outdoor body positioned outside the room and the indoor body is placed inside. The outer body houses the cooling coil and fan while the indoor body houses the compressor, condenser and expansion valve. Because of its size, this type of air conditioner can cool one or more rooms and it is also commonly used because it’s pleasing to the eye compared to the others.

Packaged Air Conditioners:

This type of air conditioner is used to cool larger spaces, more than 1-2 rooms or even an entire office itself. This unit is either installed on the roof or on walls.

Portable Air conditioners:

This type of air conditioner is also called the mobile air conditioner because you can easily take the unit from one place to another. You don’t need to permanently attach it to the wall or any surface.